Boston will not be shaken by the Marathon bombings.

18 04 2013

As I heard and watched the horrific events of the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday April 15, 2013 from our boat in Cocoa Florida, I was overcome with many emotions. Firstly, scared and worried about my many friends who were either running the race or watching the race from the sidelines. Secondly, confused as to why anyone would do such a horrific thing. Unfortunately, this of course is not the first senseless act of violence, and I daresay it will not be the last. Thirdly, pride of my home city, Boston. I am not surprised at all at the amazing job by the first responders. The way they attended to the injured and hurt and managed the chaos that surrounded them is something none should take for granted. In addition, there are new stories coming up on the news and social media sites about marathon runners helping others in need. It seemed almost immediately after the bombings, towns were sponsoring candlelight vigils, and support groups for the injured were formed. I know many people have already said this, but it is awesome to see how this tragic event has not shaken the resilient city of Boston. In fact, it has brought people closer together to work in unity.

This event has also hit close to home since a few individuals from my hometown, Stoneham, were seriously injured in one of the bombs. Brothers JP and Paul Norden, and Mark Fucarile each lost a limb and have serious burns as a result of Monday’s attacks. To help, donations can be sent to Stoneham Bank, 80 Montvale Ave, Stoneham, MA 02180. Checks can be made out to Stoneham Marathon Victim Fund so the money donated will be shared by all 6 victims of Stoneham.